Anupam Agarwal

Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

Anu has over 30 years of experience in investment banking. His formative years were spent with various Banks in the ‘City’ in London. During the 1990’s and working for Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS), his passion and specialisation in derivatives took him to Frankfurt and Zurich. In the 2000’s, he returned to London to learn Treasury Management at UBS which then took him to Hong Kong as the Treasurer for the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2007, he returned to Zurich as the Global manager for intra-group credit concentration risk, still for UBS.

Now in the latter years of his career, his passion for planning for his retirement brings him to MWC Group where he can apply his experience and analytical skills in helping others to do the same.

When he takes his nose out of the financial markets, Anu enjoys playing chess, reading science fiction, being awed by Cosmology and occasionally careering down snow-covered mountains.